RHEED guns from STAIB Instruments provide unique electron optics systems for diffraction studies. Important options include differential pumping (DP) for use in high pressures and beam rocking to expand the sample positions that can be monitored. Short (S) or super short (SS) housings can be selected for confined spaces.

Key features

  • Energy range 500 eV to 15 keV
  • Beam current (max.) 30 µA
  • Beam size (min.) 100 µm at low current and 150 mm WD and max. energy


  • Working distance 50 mm – 500 mm
  • Differential pumping (DP) (optional)
  • Beam rocking (optional)
  • Basic beam blanking
  • Beam blanking, external (optional)
  • Advanced beam steering (patented)
  • Parallel beam shift (optional)
  • Computer control (optional)
  • Remote control
  • Microprocessor controlled beam current regulation (optional)
  • Magnetic shielding (optional)
Not all parameters can be reached simultaneously. Above specifications may change without notice.
Pictures / diagrams for reference only.