STAIB Instruments is currently seeking for its location

Office manager – 11/29/2018
Activities of Position

  • Handle all daily office activities of a small business, including:
    Inventory, supplies, orders, facility, repairs
  • Assimilate financial paperwork and invoices for payment
  • Coordinate trade show activities
  • Coordinate business travel arrangements, company/employee calendars
  • Handle business orders including from factory, local spare parts, and accessories
    Replenish inventories as needed
  • Pack and ship orders
  • Manage documentation and paperwork of systems, shipments, and parts, including invoices, contact sheets for data bases and folders
  • Perform office activities in support of the business as required

Education: advanced degree required
Experience: 5+ years of work in similar positions

near MUNICH, Germany

  • Physiker mit fundierten Elektronikkenntnissen, zusätzliche Kenntnisse der Oberflächenanalytik sind von Vorteil (w/m) /
    Physicist with a solid understanding of electronics, additional knowledge in surface science would be an advantage

  • Ingenieur (Elektronik) mit Erfahrung im Bereich (analoger und digitaler) Schaltungsentwicklung (w/m) /
    Engineer (electronics) with experience in circuit (board) design

  • Feinmechaniker für anspruchsvolle Montagearbeiten (w/m) /
    Skilled technician/worker (precision engineering) for callenging assembly tasks