STAIB Instruments – Over 30 Years of Excellence

STAIB Instruments is one of the world’s leading producers
of reliable high performance surface analysis instruments.


Established by Dr. Philippe Staib in 1987 near Munich, Germany, our company soon formed a team of highly qualified scientists and technicians to develop and manufacture instruments for surface analysis. The STAIB team’s key objective is to provide highly innovative technical solutions and state of the art, reliable instruments tailored for research, development, and manufacturing. STAIB is committed to offering the best possible support and service, including worldwide training and trade shows. In 1994, STAIB INSTRUMENTS, Inc. was established in Williamsburg, VA, for sales and service of STAIB Instruments products in the Americas.

For over 30 years, STAIB has delivered instruments, from components to complete systems, that are widely recognized for their excellence, quality and reliability. All systems are built and tested in the company by highly skilled technicians, so they can be tailored to suit individual customer’s needs. In many cases, STAIB INSTRUMENTS designed and built entirely new and challenging systems to fit user’s specification.

Our customer’s success is our pride

Please feel free to contact us via the details provided on the contact page. We look forward to providing the best possible system for your particular application!

Corporate Milestones

2016 STAIB Instruments recieved R&D 100 Award for its submission: Real Time Element Monitoring System using an Auger Probe
2015 Successfull conclusion of ZIM project: A new 180° multi-grid analyzer for quantitative measurement of Secondary Electron Yield (SEY), Secondary Electron Distribution (SED), and Backscattered Electron Yield
2014 STAIB Instruments receives STTR grant
2013 STAIB Instruments receives ZIM grant
2013 Introduced Surface Analysis Packages for in situ use – attached to and in growth chambers
2011 Developed Microspot Spectrometer for Auger, depth-profiling, SEM
2011 Developed Microprocessor for beam control in Oxide Systems
2010 In situ Auger Probe for deposition systems
2008 High energy resolution spectrometer for Max Plank Institute for Quantum Physics for imaging energy analysis for field emitter tip analysis
2008 Introduced the fine focus high voltage gun for gas diffraction
2007 Introduced the STAIB Nanofocus 50 nm UHV scanning electron microscope
2006 Developed first 100 kV proton flood gun for material testing
2005 RHEED for challenging production environment – IBADRHEED, ProductionRHEED, SputterRHEED
2005 Introduced the low voltage high current electron gun for inverse photo emission
2004 Expanded electron gun options for difficult environments and materials
2004 Multi-technique Surface Analysis System (AUGER, XPS, UPS, ELS, SEM, SAM, ISS)
2003 Opened new US corporate facility in Virginia
2003 Developed a new EBSD imaging energy filter for Scanning Electron Microscopes
2002 STAIB Instruments introduced TorrRHEED™
2002 First Nanofocus electron source; began product line of surface analysis chambers
2001 STAIB Instruments received R&D 100 Award for special PEEM application
2000 Developed 100 keV / 26″ beam flood gun for material testing
1999 Expanded product offering to include electron sources up to 100keV
1998 Introduced new energy resolved PEEM System
1997 Introduced new Imaging Energy Filter for RHEED studies, Energy Resolved RHEED Analyzer
1996 Introduced the new compact, powerful double-pass DESA-100 with 55 mm working distance
1995 Installed 500th Electron Diffraction System worldwide
1995 Relocation to a new and expanded corporate headquarters near Munich, Germany, a traditional location for craftsmanship
1994 Opened Far East operations in Japan and Taiwan
1994 Established STAIB Instruments, Inc. for sales and service of STAIB Instrumente products in North America and South America
1993 Introduced the first commercial PEEM
1989 Shipped first system to the USA
1988 First commercially available RHEED Vision for PCs
1987 Microfocus for scanning Auger and low energy electron gun for inverse photoemission
1987 STAIB Instruments installed first RHEED system, which is still in use!
Many devices are patented or patent pending