STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus
for Auger / AES / XPS / SEM / SAM / Depth Profiling / EELS / REELS / UPS / ISS

Individual labs can benefit from local surface analysis capability by adding the STAIB MultiTechTM system to their resources, augmenting the remote centralized units for analysis typical in research facilities. With this system located in the vicinity of growth and process chambers, materials can easily be studied before, during, and after processing, often while remaining in situ. By stopping growth to observe the status of a material, growth parameters can be fine tuned and transient material characteristics investigated.

The STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus is an affordable, modular surface analysis chamber, for use as a stand-alone system or for incorporation in multi-chamber installations.  It can be configured, as a basic research and analysis tool for AES and EELS / REELS, with upgrade options for additional techniques, like XPS, SAM, SEM, UPS, ISS, Depth Profiling, RHEED, and PEEM.

Customization is available for any system. Later upgrades and expansion are easily incorporated into the MultiTechTM configurations, as needs change and funds become available.

The STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus:

  • Versatile UHV analysis systems for many installation possibilities
  • Customized from a selection of surface analysis techniques
  • Specially designed to be easily integrated with existing equipment
  • Ports available for upgrading and expansion
  • Single source solution with full service and support
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The compact STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus can be installed:

As a Stand-alone System

The stand alone STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus is a versatile analysis chamber ideally suited for industrial or research laboratories.
The stand alone system provides Auger – AES/ ELS analyses, using a very high sensitivity STAIB double pass spectrometer, coupled with an ion source for cleaningThe system is commonly customized to include XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy), plus other analysis techniques.

The basic configuration includes:

  • STAIB energy analyzer with integral electron gun
  • Ion cleaning gun for sample cleaning
  • Fast entry load-lock chamber and transfer system
  • UHV-vacuum vessel, including precision sample manipulator,
    bakeout equipment, and UHV pumping
  • Instrument software control plus data acquisition, storage, and export with a computer
  • Electronics racks
Stand alone STAIB MultiTechTM Plus systems, with load lock, sample handling, and a variety of analysis techniques.

As a Station on a Multi-chamber Distribution System

In a lab with multiple chambers coupled together, the STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus can easily be attached to the distribution line so that its sample analysis capabilities are available to all chambers in the cluster.  With the proximity of a surface analysis resource, materials can easily be studied before, during, and after processing, while remaining in situ. Growth parameters can be fine tuned and transient material characteristics investigated.

MultiTechTM systems can be customized to meet the collected needs of the attached chambers.  Upgrades and expansion are easily incorporated as the research focus changes.

On a Transfer Line

For affordable surface evaluation, analysis tools can be installed on a transfer line, often between two chambers or directly attached to a single chamber.  Sample handling and transfer can be shared in the combined systems. In some instances, the transfer rod serves as the sample holder for analyses. Substrate cleanliness can be checked before growth in situ.



Basic MultiTechTM System customized to be installed between two existing chambers at Oklahoma Configured for XPS and AES/ELS

STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus Technical Details

XPS    AES    SAM    SEM    UPS    ISS    EELS / REELS  Depth Profiling   RHEED    PEEM    EBSD

STAIB’s energy analyzer, with its large working distance, used with various sources, provides a powerful choice of electron spectroscopies (AES, XPS, ELS, UPS) and surface conditioning (ion etching, depth profiling, deposition) for the MultiTechTM systems. In addition to the standard combination of AES, XPS, and UPS, expanded systems include a fine focus gun and a detector, providing SEM and SAM. Ion cleaning is typically included, while upgrading to a focused ion source adds depth profiling. Using RHEED and EBSD, structural analysis is available. Several sample manipulation options are available. Customization of systems to match the needs of a lab is typical.

State-of-the-art instrument control and data acquisition packages for spectroscopy, scanning, imaging, gun control, and data export make the system easy to use and integrate. All software is developed using the newest operating systems.

Beyond AES and XPS, the following options are available for the system.  Most can be added after delivery without major modification of the system.

Customized systems are available.

SEM For sample imaging to the resolution of the electron source selected. Used with a Secondary Electron Detector.
SAM For images from the scanned Auger signal.
Fine focus electron sources for high spatial resolution studies, especially imaging.
Sample imaging
for positioning
Provides low resolution image of the sample using the integral e-source. Used to align the instruments onto the sample.
Depth Profiling
Using the ion source to clean, Auger data can provide analysis of the material composition.
UPS UV excitation source is added to provide Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy (UPS) capability.
ISS Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (requires modification of the system to add moveable slits and inverted polarity of the power supplies).
RHEED High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) is available by adding an electron source and a fluorescent screen.
SEY-Analyzer Analyzer for Secondary Electron Yield and distribution studies.


The UHV MultiTechTM System Plus is designed to combine high quality spectroscopic methods that can be run concurrently at a given sample position. For the stand alone models, a spherical analysis chamber, made of UHV compatible stainless steel, is equipped with ample CF ports for basic instruments plus later expansion. Sufficient access to the sample allows for easy sample transfer and manipulation. The chamber is pumped using an ion getter pump combined with a titanium sublimation pump.

Other MultiTechTM versions have chambers shaped to match the installation needs, but following the design guidelines of the chamber listed above.

Customization for specific configuration needs is possible. For some techniques, a µ-metal chamber and vibration isolation may be recommended.

For example, ports for MultiTechTM System Plus basic model configured for AES, SEM, and XPS, would include:

    • STAIB energy analyzer
    • Precision manipulator
    • X-ray source (optional)
    • Sputter ion gun
    • Load-lock entry
    • Microfocus high resolution electron gun
    • Secondary Electron Detector
    • Viewport used for loading
    • Viewport for viewing sample transfer
    • Pumping port