Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED)

is a powerful technique for studying the structures of crystal samples in a wide variety of research and process chambers.

STAIB Instruments offers a large variety of models to best customize a system to specific customer’s applications. STAIB also offers many standard and special accessories to RHEED systems, further allowing for individual customization.

Standard RHEED Systems

RHEED guns from STAIB Instruments are available as standard, short and super short designs and come with many different options and accessories. More info


STAIB Instruments offers a solution for RHEED at high pressures for applications requiring a higher gas pressure during growth, such as PLD, Laser MBE, and CVD. More info

Specialized RHEED Systems

STAIB also offers complete RHEED solutions for different applications especially addressing challenging growth environments and very large substrate sizes. More info

RHEED Accessories

In addition, STAIB Instruments offers a variety of useful accessories which can be ordered with the RHEED gun. More info

RHEED Software and Control

RHEED Vision is a powerful data acquisition tool adaptable to every existing RHEED system. More info