STAIB Instruments offers various types of charged particle detectros.

STAIB Instruments offers Faraday Cups for UHV applications.

The beam current can be measured most preciseley with a UHV farady cup mounted next to or on the side of the standard STAIB Instruments sample holder.

Sample current in the range of 0.1 nA to 100 µA can be measured using the low noise current amplifier.

It can be used for electrons and ions with variable potential bias capability.

Scintillator and channeltron type SEDs, for sample imaging when used with any scanning electron source.

  • Scintillator Type
  • Channeltron Type
The Chevron type microchannel plate assembly is mounted on a CF 6″ O.D. flange that gives comfortable access to the channelplates. The fiberoptic screen collects the light directly from the phosphorous layer and brings it to the atmospheric side where it is collected using a large aperture objective. The many artifacts due to reflection and total reflection inside a standard screen design are completely eliminated. The picture shows a view of the detector assembly as mounted to the STAIB PEEM-350.