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///Microfocus and Nanofocus Electron Sources
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Microfocus and Nanofocus Systems

These electron sources generate a very small spot in the µm and nm range. They are primarily used for imaging (SEM) and Scanning Auger Microscopy (SAM).

Min. Spot Size Max. Energy Model Description
<85 nm 15 keV » EF-15005
150 nm 12 keV » EF-1201
250 nm 12 keV » EF-1202
400 nm 10 keV » EF-1005
2 µm 8 keV » EM-802
3 µm 5 keV » EM-503
6 µm 5 keV » EM-506


These electron sources are available as part of an UHV-SEM package. You may also choose matching

In addition for Nanofocus

EBSD energy filter and detector