Accessories for Electron Sources

In addition, STAIB Instruments offers a variety of useful accessories which can be ordered with the electron gun.

STAIB Instruments electron sources can be equipped with magnetic shielding. The shielding may be necessary because a magnetic field influences the electron beam. A static or DC magnetic field will shift the beam and an alternating field will wobble the beam. This can cause fluctuations in beam position, size and current.

The magnetic shielding is made of a highly ferromagnetic material. For this reason, it can be used to shield low frequency magnetic fields from the surrounding environment.

Spare filament delivered in a sealed container for customer installation. Directions for filament exchange are provided.

Spare filament already mounted, and pre-aligned in spare firing unit.

The kit contains one spare filament and tools for standard maintenance.

The major functions of the power supply can be easily tested using the diagnostic box connected to the diagnostic plug on the rear of the power supply.

Fully integrated multitasking control software for Windows™ XP, Windows™ 7, Windows™ 10

The computer control option for STAIB electron guns consists of two parts.

SEMpack41: Power supply computer control plug
The electron source power supply is equipped with an optional computer connection plug for use with analog control signals. The electron source system can either be operated by using the manual control dials, or by using the optional computer control. The control voltages can either be provided by 3rd party software through a suitable DAC interface, or by the STAIB computer control module.

2: STAIB computer control module
The STAIB computer control option includes the cables and microprocessor interface to connect to the power supply computer control plug. The STAIB software sends the input signals to the power supply to control the system functions. Full parameter sets can be stored, modified, and reused. The advanced version of the STAIB computer control module can retrieve and copy the adjusted values from the manual control dials, providing the user with previously unavailable ease of use.

The option runs under the WindowsTM XP, WindowsTM 7, WindowsTM 10 operating systems, using a USB connection.

Available in different sizes, the screens are designed to reach high spatial resolution and best contrast. A protective aluminum coating ensures good electric contact, and blocks stray light from inside the vacuum chamber.

Key features

  • STAIB screens are MBE proven and available for the following standard flange sizes:
    • CF-64 (ID) / 4.5″ (OD)
    • CF-100 (ID) / 6.0″ (OD)
    • CF-150 (ID) / 8.0″ (OD)
  • Lead glass: 1 mm lead equivalent at 110 kV
  • Layers: ITO, P43 (green) or P47 (blue), aluminum layer, contact ring


Partial coating optional

Order code

Spare screens: Type RS

  • RS-63 (diam. 55 mm)
  • RS-100 (diam. 93 mm)
  • RS-100-VG (diam. 100 mm)
  • RS-150 (diam. 135 mm)

Screens with holder for existing viewports: Type RSA

  • RSA-63 (diam. 65 mm)
  • RSA-100 (diam. 99.8 mm)
  • RSA-150 (diam. 141.5 mm)

Screens with holder pre-mounted in UHV viewport: Type RSC

  • RSC-63, RSC-100 and RSC-150
Specifications are subject to changes without notice. Not all parameters can be reached simultaneously. Pictures / diagrams for reference only.
STAIB Instruments offers Faraday Cups for UHV applications.

The beam current can be measured most preciseley with a UHV farady cup mounted next to or on the side of the standard STAIB Instruments sample holder.

Sample current in the range of 0.1 nA to 100 µA can be measured using the low noise current amplifier.

It can be used for electrons and ione with variable potential bias capability.

Scintillator and channeltron type SEDs, for sample imaging when used with any scanning electron source.

  • Scintillator Type
  • Channeltron Type