Electron Sources for RHEED

The robust design of STAIB RHEED systems is unique and operates reliably in real time growth and processing environments to provide invaluable information about the surface of a material. STAIB sources are known world-wide for high quality, years of dependable operation, ease of use, and unbeatable service. These systems are the first choice for MBE, PLD, sputtering deposition, CVD and more in chambers from large production sites to small customized chambers.

RHEED Systems are available for:

  • Wide range of maximum energies to best suit the application: 12kV to 60 kV
  • Wide range of adjustable beam current
  • Fine, bright focus spot
  • High precision and stability beam steering
  • Single and Double Differential pumping for additional growth environments
  • Full computer control
  • Low noise beam current option for combined RHEED-AES applications
  • Small flange mounting to fit all vacuum chambers
  • Fast beam blanking with external control
  • Customized shielding and designs for challenging environments


Max. Energy Model Description
12 keV » RHEED-12
15 keV » RHEED-15
20 keV » RHEED-20
30 keV » RHEED-30
35 keV » RHEED-35
40 keV » RHEED-40
50 keV » RHEED-50
60 keV » RHEED-60