AugerProbeTM for in situ Real Time Elemental Monitoring and REELS Studies

The STAIB Instruments AugerProbeTM is a uniquely designed in situ, real time monitoring tool. Designed to operate in difficult environmental conditions, like high pressure, material deposition, and long working distance (~2”), the analyzer is ideally suited for monitoring in growth chambers.  An electron source is needed for Auger excitation.  A glancing angle STAIB RHEED electron source can be used for excitation to provide in situ, real time, coincident RHEED structural data and Auger elemental composition information, both observed during the growth process.  Substrate processing can be monitored.  Process parameters can be tuned.  Material behavior can be studied, with simultaneous RHEED diffraction and Auger analysis during deposition. Individual element composition can be observed during the growth process and can be further quantified (calibrated and physical) using a new modeling taking into account the different matrix effects.  With an appropriate excitation source, REELS spectra can also be obtained from the growing material.

Probe Advantages include:

  • Designed to fit process chambers without interference.
    • Excellent & adjustable energy resolution to optimize Auger line signals and detailed REELS.
    • Fast acquisition for real time elemental Growth Profile.
    • Large working distance & small diameter.
    • Rugged construction to operate during growth from UHV up to several mTorr.
    • Stable and reproducible operation over long periods of time as required for MBE applications.
  • Mounts on most sample facing, CF ports.
    • A normal or near normal port on a growth chamber – see below.
    • Mounted on a load lock chamber or a transfer line port for pre- and post-growth sample evaluations.
    • CF-63 (ID) / 4.5″ (OD) flange standard, others available.
III-V Growth Profile

III-V Growth Profile

©2014 Courtesy of Drs. S. Svensson and W. Sarney, Army Research Laboratory; Funded by Army Research Office, STTR# A13A-011-0305, PM: Dr. C. Varanasi.

Optionally, the AugerProbeTM can be located on a load lock chamber or a transfer line port for pre- and post-growth sample evaluations.

  • Requires STAIB electron source for Auger excitation for best stability and signal-to-noise figures.
    • Glancing angle (RHEED gun) or non-glancing gun (2-10 keV).
    • Low energy capability for possible REELS use.


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