STAIB Instruments has developed a new analyzer for quantitative measurement of Secondary Electron Yield (SEY), Secondary Electron Distribution (SED), and Backscattered Electron Yield

The STAIB SEY-Analyzer package consists of the following components:

  • SEY-Analyzer with 180° multi-grid for quantitative measurement of secondary electron yield and distribution
  • Integrated Sources
    • Integrated primary electron source for continuous or pulsed mode operation
    • Integrated low energy electron source for charge compensation
    • Integrated ion source for cleaning and charge compensation
  • Control and aquisition Capability
    • Gun control and analysis modules
    • Control and data acquisition software

Integration of the SEY-Analyzer into a multi chamber STAIB MultiTechTM System provides the user with the following techniques:

  • SEY-Analyzer
    • Secondary Electron Yield analysis
    • Secondary Electron Spectroscopy
  • STAIB MultiTechTM System Plus based on DESA 150
    • Scanning Auger (SAM)
    • XPS, UPS
    • UHV Secondary Electron Microscopy (SEM)
    • EELS
    • PEEM



Not all parameters can be reached simultaneously. Above specifications may change without notice.
Pictures / diagrams for reference only.