The STAIB computer control option includes the cables and microprocessor interface to connect to the power supply computer control plug. The STAIB software sends the input signals to the power supply to control the system functions. Full parameter sets can be stored, modified, and reused. The advanced version of the STAIB computer control module can retrieve and copy the adjusted values from the manual control dials, providing the user with previously unavailable ease of use.

The option runs under the WindowsTM XP, WindowsTM 7, WindowsTM 10 operating systems, using a USB connection.

STAIB computer control includes a microprocessor interface module and a software package, and makes use of the STAIB electron sources very precise and repeatable. User’s parameters can be saved and retrieved, the beam can be turned on and off using the beam blanking option, and the incidence angle can be adjusted using the optional beam rocking feature of the gun.