The flood electron source is designed to provide a wide, homogeneous electron beam with adjustable spot size, intensity, and energy. Applications include space simulation, materials testing, charge neutralization, and detector testing.

Key features

  • Energy range 500 eV to 5 keV
  • Beam type divergent, flood beam for large sample area
  • Sample size typically up to 150 mm diameter at 500 mm working distance. Actual beam characteristics will be specified with the quote. Larger or smaller spot sizes available.





Beam current max. 200 µA 0.5 mA 1.0 mA


  • Working distance up to 500 mm standard (larger WD possible)
  • Standby operation
  • Basic beam blanking (optional)
  • Beam wobbling, for best beam homogeneity
  • Computer control (optional)
  • Microprocessor controlled beam current regulation (optional)
  • Remote control
Not all parameters can be reached simultaneously. Above specifications may change without notice.
Pictures / diagrams for reference only.