This electron source delivers a high power density beam into a small spot, for applications including evaporation, X-ray generation, thermal shocks, annealing, and detector testing.

Key features

  • Energy range 1 keV to 20 keV
  • Beam size (min.) <150 µm at low current and 150 mm WD and max. energy





Beam current max. 100 µA 0.5 mA 1.0 mA


  • Working distance 150 mm – 750 mm
  • Basic beam blanking (optional)
  • Beam blanking, external (optional)
  • Beam pulsing (optional)
  • Differential pumping (DP) (optional)
  • Advanced beam steering (patented)
  • Parallel beam shift (optional)
  • Computer control (optional)
  • Magnetic shielding (optional)
  • Beam scanning (optional)
  • Microprocessor controlled beam current regulation (optional)
  • Remote control
Not all parameters can be reached simultaneously. Above specifications may change without notice.
Pictures / diagrams for reference only.