EBSD Analyzer

Patented design of the imaging filter.

Energy Filtered EBSD – Available for SEM and UHV chambers.

Electron Backscatter Diffraction can now be upgraded with an imaging energy filter that filters the back scattered electrons over an adjustable energy range. The system provides fast acquisition (CCD) with adjustable shutter speed.

Using the EBSD filter with an existing SEM system, the user can:

  • Drastically improve the contrast of diagrams (see images below)
  • Study detailed structure information such as Kikushi lines
  • Perform Energy Loss measurements (REELS)
EBSD Analyzer

Unfiltered Diagram

EBSD Analyzer

Filtered Diagram

EBSD Analyzer

EBSD Filter unit customized for a specific SEM chamber. The unit is available for a standard CF flange.

Images courtesy of A. Deal and A. Eades of Lehigh University


  • UHV SEM electron source
  • Ion source for cleaning
  • Data acquisition system for imaging and REELS
  • Computer control for the analyzer