PEEM Vision™ is the fully integrated multitasking control software
for WindowsTM XP, WindowsTM 7, WindowsTM 10


  • Real time image display, Single or multiple frames capture
  • Frame averaging and integration supported in all modes
  • Dynamic adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Enhancement by background subtraction and contrast stretching (linear or non-linear)
  • Images exported as standard bitmaps and JPEG
  • Movies captured to hard disk
  • Movies exported as AVI
  • Movies can be analyzed later using all features of PEEM Vision


  • Intensity scans for up to 18 spot positions
  • Play back intensity scans through movie feature
  • Spot tracking variable retention intensity
  • FFT power spectrum and Alternative growth rate calculation
  • Data saved as text file

Spots and Profiles

  • Multiple dynamic line profiles in any direction
  • Real time line profiles
  • Manual or automatic spot and line management
  • Saturated spot diffusion
  • Profile smoothing and fitting

Frame Grabbing

  • Works with any CCD standard camera
  • Sync correction for VCRs
  • Wide range of black and white level adjustment
  • 512X512


  • Computer with TFT monitor
  • 10 bit digital upgrade
  • Firewire camera upgrade
  • Customized software
  • Budget light version available