Ion-induced Electron Emission Microscope


Selected as one of the 100 most technologically significant products of the year.

Multidimensional, high-resolution single-ion nuclear- microscopic analysis technique

  • For microscopically mapping charge collection and other single-ion induced effects in semiconductor and/or micro-electronic devices
  • For microscopically mapping mobility and carrier lifetime of semiconductors
  • Uses inexpensive, mildly focused ion beams or alpha particle sources to investigate the sample

The IEEM was invented by Barney Doyle and George Viskelety (both SANDIA) and Robert Weller (Vanderbilt University). SANDIA and STAIB INSTRUMENTS jointly won one of the 2001 R&D100 awards for the Ion Electron Emission Microscope. Berthold Senftinger, researcher at STAIB INSTRUMENTS, was also included in the award.