Slider01rheedpatternSTAIB Instruments components and systems can be used in a wide field of applications. Choose your application area from the overview below, and see which of our instruments can assist you in your reasearch.

In situ Characterization

RHEED, RHEED for high pressure application (TorrRHEED™), In situ real time AUGER, RHEELS, TRAX, Micro RHEED


Surface Analysis Techniques

AES, XPS, UPS, ISS, EELS / REELS, Secondary electron emission (SEY, SED, Backscattered EY), Charge compensation, IPES, Sample cleaning, Sample preparation, Sample current measurements, Sample imaging, Cathodoluminescence, SEM, SAM

Material Growth Monitoring

MBE, Oxide MBE, PLD, Laser MBE, IBAD, Sputter deposition, ALD, MOCVD, Combinatorial approaches


Electron Diffraction

RHEED, RHEED rocking curves, MEED, GED, EBSD

Scanning Electron Microscopy

SEM, SAM, Absorbent current EM, Elastically scattered EM, EBSD


Depth Profiling

Depth profiling in AES and XPS


Space Environment Simulation

Materials aging, Electron and proton beam treatment, Charging experiments, Detector testing

Surface and Materials Modification

Neutralization, Evaporation, Annealing, Desorption, Dissociation, Sputtering, Ionization of gases